Speech Disorders

Signs of malnutrition don’t stop at scale

Malnutrition can seem like an easy problem to diagnose. Growth scales and projections can be used to determine if a child is growing as expected. However, there are also subtle signs of malnutrition to watch out for on a visit. “Every pediatrician should think in terms of a food group,” …

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NIH grant funds groundbreaking study on stuttering in children

Researchers at Syracuse University’s Stuttering Research Lab are using sophisticated sensors to track lip and jaw movements while speaking. What do Hollywood film production companies and researchers at Syracuse University’s Stuttering Research Lab have in common? Each uses sophisticated, cutting-edge equipment like infrared motion tracking cameras and body sensors, but …

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Marlington announces 7 winning folk scholarships

The local school district of Marlington recently awarded the Folk scholarships to members of its 2021 class. The scholarship was established in 1995, when the Board of Education accepted a bequest from the estate of Richard Folk, who graduated from Marlboro High School in 1930, in honor of his late …

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