Everything your credit card allows you to do

Everything your credit card allows you to do

The credit card has become an essential object for most of us. Now when we leave the house we check that we carry the mobile phone, the keys and the card. This small square of plastic arrived many years ago in our lives, but it has been in the last decade when it has lived a true revolution driven by the rise of electronic commerce .

Today, life is not conceived without a credit card. That is why many talk about being close to attending the disappearance of cash or cash , because the credit card is a safer, more comfortable and much more useful means of payment. While it is quite difficult for us to see it in the short term, as many people remain very dependent on physical money.

Anyway, the credit card every day has more power because it no longer serves only to pay . Now there are another series of activities that can be done through it, which suggests that not long we will have a unique one that will serve both as a means of payment as an identifier (DNI) and even a Social Security card. But let’s go step by step and let’s review what the ‘little plastic’ allows us to do today.

What I can do with my credit card

First of all, and it is something we all know, with the credit card we can buy. In fact, that is its basic functionality, allowing us to buy both in physical stores and online, so that at the end of the month all the purchases made by this means are accumulated and the invoice is passed to the associated bank account (if it is debit , the purchase is charged from the account immediately, not at the end of the month). It also allows us to withdraw physical money from ATMs of any entity in the world, although if it is not their own, they will charge us a commission .

But beyond that, the card allows us to do other things. Because not everything is buying items, we can also purchase services . For example, rent a monthly streaming music service, book a hotel room or a table in a restaurant, buy a flight or a trip by train or bus or take movie tickets from home.

In addition, the boom in the collaborative economy has further favored this means of payment, as these services are born in the digital environment, hence the most sensible thing is to pay for them through digital media. For example, to rent an apartment on Airbnb or take an Uber or Cabify, it can only be done through the credit card.

What is the advantage? That we will know in advance how much the tour will cost us . The disadvantage, of course, is that if finally, for whatever reason, the trip does not occur, we are charged a penalty directly to the card. So, the card goes beyond letting us buy some pants; We can also enjoy greater comforts or live experiences that we can only live by paying with it.

And also pay the bills

Many do not know that with the card they can pay bills for electricity, water, gas or telephone without having to address them or go to the bank religiously to go to the cashier. Some companies that provide these services allow you to do it with your mobile by scanning the barcode of the invoice and entering the card details through a specialized mobile application for this. In this comfortable way you can meet these common expenses without having to go to the bank or direct more payments.

In addition, we can also get discounts and rebates with the credit card . Some have associated certain discounts in gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants or accommodation. Therefore, it is interesting to inform yourself before hiring one of the possibility of obtaining discounts on services by paying with it.

Operate as if it were a bank

But apart from all of the above, the credit card can also be your bank . That is, you can trade with your bank account through it.

For its part, the debit card – not to be confused with credit – Visa Electron allows you to make money transfers to our friends or family . Through the entity’s Self Money service, these loans can be made to acquaintances only with their email or telephone as main data. Self Money is an app that we can download on the mobile to perform this function.

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