Britney Spears’ dad calls for an end to court guardianship

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Britney Spears’ father on Tuesday asked to end guardianship of the court that has controlled the singer’s life and money for 13 years.

James Spears filed his motion to end guardianship in Los Angeles Superior Court.

“As Mr. Spears has said over and over again, all he wants is what’s best for his daughter,” the document reads. “If Ms. Spears wants to end the guardianship and thinks she can manage her own life, Mr. Spears thinks she should be given that chance.”

Judge Brenda Penny, who is overseeing the case, will have to approve the move.

Britney Spears’ attorney, Matthew Rosengart, said in an email that the filing “represents another legal victory for Britney Spears – a huge victory – as well as justification for Ms Spears.”

James Spears had been the butt of much of the anger surrounding his daughter’s guardianship and the public.

A request from Britney Spears’ attorney to dismiss him was due to be heard at the next hearing in the case on September 29.

James Spears said in a filing on Aug. 12 that he planned to step down as his financial curator, but offered no timeline. He gave up his control over his life decisions in 2019, keeping only his role of overseeing his money.

He repeated on several occasions that there was no justification for his dismissal and that he had acted only in the best interests of his daughter.

The Guardianship was established in 2008 when Britney Spears started having very public mental struggles as the media obsessed with every moment, hordes of paparazzi aggressively followed her everywhere and she lost custody of her children.

Tuesday’s filing cites how Britney Spears’ “passionate plea” to end the legal arrangement in a June 23 court speech rocked those who wanted her released, citing this afternoon’s transcript.

“I just want my life back,” Britney Spears said. “And it’s been 13 years and that’s enough. It has been a long time since I owned my money. And it is my wish and my dream that this all ends up untested.

Tuesday’s filing notes that Spears said she was unaware she could file a petition to end guardianship, which she has yet to do. He says Penny’s decision to allow him to choose Rosengart as his lawyer shows the court trusts him with the major choices. And it indicates that the evidence shows that she apparently “displayed a level of independence” by doing things like behaving in Southern California.

He also cites his desire to make his own decisions about therapy and other medical care.

Spears had said in her June 23 speech that she was forced under guardianship to take certain medications and use an intrauterine device for birth control against her will.

James Spears has called for a judicial inquiry into these and other allegations, saying they were issues beyond his control as he had stepped down as his daughter’s curator, handing the role over to the professional. court appointed Jodi Montgomery.

Rosengart said when he was hired in July that he intends to help end the trusteeship and questioned whether it should be established in the first place, although he has yet to file request to end it.

Instead, he said his first priority was to get rid of James Spears, whom he challenged to resign on the spot during his first court appearance.

In his email responding to the termination request, Rosengart indicated that his tactics would not change.

“It appears Mr. Spears thinks he can try to avoid accountability and justice,” Rosengart said, “including sitting for an affidavit and swearing-in to other findings, but while we assess his case (which was inappropriately sent to the media before it was served on the lawyer), we will also continue to explore all options.

Spears gave credit to the Trustees’ initial existence for keeping her career afloat, although she has now suspended her job entirely for more than two years.

Fans opposing her situation and seeing what they thought were pleas for help in the pop star’s Instagram posts began calling #FreeBritney online and began appearing before her audiences in protest.

Famous names from Miley Cyrus to Britney Spears ex Justin Timberlake have joined the uproar in recent months, especially after Spears’ pair of impassioned court speeches in June and July.

Penny, the judge with ultimate power over the Guardianship, hasn’t seemed inclined to end it before, but she’s also never had such a clear opportunity.


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