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Facebook recently announced that these reports would be audited outside the company by Ernest & Young, “so we don’t write down our own homework,” the Facebook rep said.

Give a plan to the bad actors?

Business interests, including the Internet Association, which represents big tech companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google, argue that Gabriel’s bill could undermine the goal of reducing disinformation and hate speech by providing ” bad actors ”a granular plan to evade detection.

“While well-intentioned, these requirements will ultimately allow crooks, spammers and other malicious actors to exploit our systems and our moderators,” their argument continued, cited in the analysis of the Assembly bill. .

These groups also warn that Gabriel’s bill could open up social media companies to lawsuits for routine decisions by content moderators, and possibly even for the effectiveness of corporate moderation practices in the first place. – what the platforms predict could dissuade them from investing in content moderation.

A spokesperson for the Internet Association industry, who would discuss the bill only if it was not named, noted that it would not apply to some social media companies participating in the spread of disinformation and hate speech. For example, the current law would include the fancy exercise bike company Peloton, but not the right-wing friendly social media sites. Speaking or Gabbecause they do not meet the required $ 100 million in revenue.

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