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A founder of a Facebook support group is advocating for greater understanding and awareness of hidden disabilities on the island.

The group, ‘Disabilities and Mental Health Isle of Man’, was set up in 2021 as ‘a safe place where Manx residents can talk openly about their disabilities without judgement’.

Alicia Corlett hopes the group can shed light on the daily issues faced by people with hidden disabilities.

She said: “I do my best to try to raise awareness of hidden disabilities.

“I’m a huge supporter of the Sunflower Cords program and recently provided free Sunflower Cords to many members of our Facebook groups.”

According to the Hidden Disabilities website, the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower was conceived and launched in 2016, when London Gatwick Airport asked “How can we identify that one of our passengers may have a non-visible disability?”.

They created a simple sunflower design on a green background for a lanyard – a subtle but visible sign to let airport staff identify that the wearer (or someone with them) may need assistance, additional time or assistance to move around the airport.

The success of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and the positive response it has received has increased awareness of the challenges adults and children with hidden disabilities may face.

Worldwide, one in seven people live with a disability. Of these, 80% are invisible.

Hidden disabilities include (but are not limited to): autism, Asperger’s syndrome, dementia, mental health issues, speech or visual impairment or hearing loss.

They also include respiratory and chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, chronic pain and sleep disturbances when they have a significant impact on daily life.

Some people with hidden disabilities have service dogs or other supports in place.

Miss Corlett has had various encounters with people who are unaware that her dog, Wilfred, is a service dog.

She said: ‘I have a seizure disorder called PNES (psychogenic non-epileptic seizures) and I also have autism.

“Personally, I was told things that I found very upsetting.

“I have a seizure alert/assistance dog and recently had a woman come up to me while I was at Deals yelling at me that dogs are not allowed.

“I politely explained that my dog ​​is a service dog and I pointed to her service dog vest and she replied ‘but you don’t look disabled, what does not go with you”.

“Another woman came to see me at Tesco while my dog ​​stood quietly by my side. She pointed to my service dog and said “what is that thing doing here” and when I explained again that he was a service dog she said “you don’t you don’t need an assistance dog, you can walk”.

“This sort of thing just goes to show that there needs to be more education and awareness on the island about both hidden disabilities and service dogs.”

add a comment ]]> Reader unimpressed with Biden’s freshman year | News, Sports, Jobs Sat, 15 Jan 2022 05:13:32 +0000

A year later, there are three left. It’s been an excruciating 12 months and I feel like we’re just getting started.

Is there anyone reading this who feels remorse for voting for Biden? Go now, raise up your hand. You know it’s written “Confession is good for the soul.” It might be good therapy to take a close look at the damage Biden has done over the past year and add up the lies he’s told and the promises he’s broken. Take a look at the number of failed decisions he made and the wounds he inflicted on our nation, especially his foolish decrees that will take decades to mend.

Look people, Trump is brash and loud, loud and pushy, a little childish and upsetting at times, but he got the job done. As we all know, he initially withstood the threat of coronavirus, but when he got on board, he was unstoppable. In fact, things were going so well that they dubbed it warp speed.

Then came the elections. I know God is angry with America and no doubt our days are numbered, but the election should be a wake-up call.

Biden could have continued Trump’s example on COVID but chose to lie and declare that nothing was done until he took over. He said more than once he had to start with nothing and the press just let him go. That’s when everything started to fall apart.

The media also allowed him to lie and take credit for most of Trump’s progress on COVID, but now he’s trying to get out because he hit a brick wall and proclaimed “COVID is here to stay.” This is leadership, guys.

His success in foreign policy is mediocre to non-existent, and he left town a few weeks ago. The Chinese and the Russians laugh and scoff, as do the hundreds of thousands of illegals who have crossed the border. They dispersed like a flock of quail, and most were gone for good.

I have a lot more to say, but I have to comment on Biden’s desperate speech in Georgia on Tuesday and hope I can do it in a few paragraphs.

Until Tuesday, January 11, I didn’t know I was a Jim Crow racist. I didn’t know that I was a member of a racial group whose main objective is to prevent black and brown-skinned citizens from succeeding or voting in elections. Little did I know that the CRT, if allowed to continue, would cure all racial hatred in this nation. I also discovered that I hate President Lincoln and view Jefferson Davis’ leadership as God sanctioned.

Farewell: Mr. President, I don’t know anyone less qualified to lead this country. I can see you forgetting which way to turn when you exit the Oval Office to go to the bathroom.

You are harassed by people who don’t all work in the White House but who certainly run the country. Otherwise, why would you repeatedly say “I’m not supposed to answer questions?” »

Shame on you, sir. Please step down and take Kamala with you.

God keep us.

Harold Arbogast


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NJ Business Leaders Welcome Decision Canceling Biden Vaccine Mandate (Updated) Fri, 14 Jan 2022 15:19:29 +0000

Hospital executives and business leaders in New Jersey have expressed broad agreement with the US Supreme Court’s Jan. 13 ruling blocking the Biden administration’s vaccine or testing mandate for health care employers. at least 100 workers, but remain concerned that the mandate represents healthcare workers at federally funded hospitals.

President Joe Biden signed the order in September as the delta variant quickly spread across the country.

An estimated 4,646 private job sites employing nearly 1.4 million people in New Jersey could have met the order’s criteria, state labor officials said.

Thursday’s decision came just three days after the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s mandate took effect. Biden’s order had drawn criticism from Republicans who called it a federal overreach.

The court ruled 6-3 that OSHA exceeded its authority by imposing the broad vaccine requirement. But by a 5-4 vote, the justices upheld a similar rule adopted for healthcare workers by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Governor Phil Murphy ordered last summer that workers in hospitals, health care facilities and other “high risk” workplaces such as long-term care centers receive the vaccine or submit to regular testing.

“Due to our continued requirements under New Jersey law [executive order], New Jersey has made progress in ensuring immunization uptake across all healthcare personnel, the New Jersey Department of Health said in a statement to NJBIZ. “This new rule strengthens the requirements.”

State health officials noted that the order would affect dozens of types of health care facilities, including hospitals, outpatient rehabilitation centers, long-term care facilities, clinics for rural health, community mental health centers, home health agencies, outpatient physiotherapy and speech therapy providers. – language pathology, federally approved health centers and psychiatric residential treatment facilities.

“Vaccination against COVID-19 is an essential means of preventing the spread of the virus and avoiding infection of vulnerable people such as residents of long-term care facilities and hospitalized patients, including those who may be too young to be vaccinated,” the NJDOH added. .


Cathy Bennett, president of the New Jersey Hospital Association, wondered if such terms are still important, especially amid a “critical shortage of healthcare workers” as the delta and omicron variants reduce their numbers.

“While the NJHA believes fervently in the importance of vaccination, mandates may be a barrier for some people working in our healthcare facilities,” she said in a statement.

In New Jersey, the mandate received a lukewarm reaction, with business groups opposed to such restrictions.

“[V]Decisions about the accine mandate should be made by companies on their own accord, taking into account their work environment, their workforce and the customers they serve,” said Michele Siekerka, President and CEO of the New Jersey Business & Industry Association, in a statement.

“We don’t think there should be a one-size-fits-all policy regarding vaccination mandates.”

Tom Bracken, President and CEO, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.


Tom Bracken, president and CEO of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, warned that any mandate “would cause serious damage to some businesses because a lot of employees don’t want to be vaccinated or they’ll leave, and I think that’s was happening already.

Murphy has repeatedly said he will not adopt a statewide vaccination mandate, commonly referred to as a “vaccine passport” by opponents.

Labor groups and unions have also argued that the president’s terms could erode existing workers’ rights. “Healthcare unions have negotiated to protect the rights of healthcare workers, to ensure access to testing and vaccinations, all with the aim of minimizing the risk of exposure and containing the spread of the virus in healthcare facilities,” Debbie White, president of the 13,000-member nurses’ union HPAE, said in a statement. “Vaccination is just one step in the fight against this dangerous virus. Indoor masking, social distancing and hand washing must continue. »

Two other major New Jersey unions — the Communications Workers of America, which represent state workers, and the New Jersey Education Association — have both pushed for greater bargaining power for any vaccine or testing mandates. .

Hospitals on board

Hackensack Meridian Health CEO Bob Garrett said he was happy with the vaccination mandate for healthcare workers.

“We have a mandatory vaccine requirement in place,” he said in an interview. “It’s the right thing to do, given where we are in the pandemic and given some of the issues we face as a healthcare organization.

Kevin Slavin, CEO of St. Joseph’s Health, added, “[t]The evidence is clear to us, on the side of the sick, we see 5% or 6% of vaccinated. Less than 94% of patients have either the vaccination or a booster in New Jersey. »

Soldiers from U.S. Army Urban Augmentation Medical Task Force 332-1, 332nd Medical Brigade out of Nashville, walk through the COVID-19 assessment entrance at University Hospital April 14, 2020, during referral to the hospital.

Soldiers from U.S. Army Urban Augmentation Medical Task Force 332-1, 332nd Medical Brigade out of Nashville, walk through the COVID-19 assessment entrance at University Hospital April 14, 2020, during referral to the hospital. – PFC. CARLOS CUEBAS FANTAUZZI

RWJBarnabas Health, which has one of three New Brunswick-based Level 1 trauma centers in the state, said the decision “has no effect on the vaccination mandate” for its staff.

Atlantic Health, which owns Morristown Medical Center, said “every member of our team is either fully vaccinated, on the way to full vaccination, or has a qualifying exemption,” but did not provide a breakdown of one or the other group.

“We look forward to continuing to provide the vaccine to all team members, patients and community members who decide to receive it, as we believe that vaccination remains our best way to end the pandemic. “

Cooper Health, which owns another of the state’s Level 1 trauma centers based in Camden, told NJBIZ that all of its staff “are either vaccinated or have received a religious or medical exemption.”

Newark University Hospital, a Level 1 trauma center and the state’s only public hospital, said the decision also had no impact on its staff. It is one of six hospitals nationwide to receive aid from US military medical personnel as the virus infects hundreds of workers.

“University Hospital was the first hospital in the state to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for all employees, a stance that was taken based on the principle that those of us who are expected to care for people the most vulnerable in our population cannot continue to spread this disease to each other or to our community,” he said in a statement.

]]> Walk-in for nurses, pharmacists, dressers, X-ray technicians and other positions, 12th pass may apply Fri, 14 Jan 2022 13:39:00 +0000

SECR Recruitment 2022 Notification posted on for 75 vacancies. Check the application form, degrees, experience, selection criteria and other details here.

Created on: Jan 14, 2022 7:09 PM IST

SECR Recruitment 2022

SECR Recruitment 2022: South East Central Railway (SECR) has issued a recruitment notice for nurses, pharmacists, dressers, X-ray technicians and others. Interested candidates can come in for a walk-in interview from January 18 to 25, 2022. A total of 75 vacancies will be filled through this recruitment process. Candidates are willing to apply for the said positions can fill in the application form, qualifications, experience, selection criteria and other details here.

Important appointments:

  • Notification date: January 12, 2022
  • Interview without an appointment: from January 18 to 25, 2022

SECR RECRUITMENT 2022 Vacancy Details

Number of positions – 75 positions

  • Bedside nurse – 49 posts
  • Pharmacist – 04 posts
  • Trainer – 06 posts
  • Radiology Technician – 03 posts
  • Dental Hygienist – Post 01
  • Laboratory Superintendent – 02 posts
  • Grade -II laboratory assistant – 07 posts
  • Physiotherapist – Post 01
  • Audio-speech therapist – Post 01
  • Refractionist – Post 01

2022 SECR Recruitment Eligibility Criteria
Education Qualification:

  • Staff Nurse – Applicant must be registered as a Registered Nurse and Midwife after completing a 3-year course in General Nursing and Midwifery at a nursing school or other institution recognized by Indian Nursing Council or B.Sc. (Breastfeeding).
  • Pharmacist – Applicant must have 10+ 2 passed in science or equivalent with a degree in pharmacy from a recognized institution and registered as a pharmacist under the Pharmacy Act 1948 or a Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharma) from a recognized university.
  • Dresser – Matriculation/HSC certificate course in dressing from a recognized institution with at least one year of experience in a reputable hospital.
  • Radiography Technician – Diploma in Radiography/X-Ray Technician/Science graduates with Diploma in Radiography/X-Ray Technician.
  • Dental Hygienist – Degree in Science (Biology) from a recognized University or equivalent and Diploma/Certificate in Dental Hygiene from an institute recognized by the Dental Council of India and registered with the Dental Council of India as a Dental Hygienist and two years of experience as a dental hygienist.
  • Laboratory Superintendent – B.Sc. with Biochemistry/Microbiology/Life Sciences/B.Sc. With Chemistry and Biology as major or optional/accessory subjects or equivalent plus Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) or equivalent or B.Sc. in Medical Technology (Laboratory) from a recognized institution.
  • Grade -II -12 Laboratory Assistantand in science plus; Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) or Certificate Course in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) or Certificate Course in Medical Laboratory.
  • Physiotherapist – Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy from a recognized university and two years of practical experience in physiotherapy from a public/private hospital with at least one hundred beds.
  • Speech-Language Pathologist – B.Sc. and Diploma in Audiotherapy and Speech-Language Pathology and 2 years experience in related field.
  • Refractionist – 10+2, Bachelor’s degree in ophthalmic technique or optometry from a recognized institute; 2 years of experience.

Download the SECR recruitment notification 2022

Selection Criteria for SECR Recruitment 2022

Candidates will be selected on the basis of an interview.

How to Apply for SECR Recruitment 2022

Interested candidates can come for a walk-in interview from 18th to 25th January 2022 at Medical Director’s Office, Central Hospital, SECR, Bilaspur with the documents.

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]]> Associate Lecturer / Lecturer in Anatomy and Physiology at SOUTHERN CROSS UNIVERSITY Thu, 13 Jan 2022 23:30:45 +0000

  • Continuous full-time appointment
  • Lismore, Gold Coast or Coffs Harbor campus option, relocation assistance available
  • Level A/B – $71,728 – $120,179 per year (plus 17% superannuation)

About the role

The Faculty of Health provides an exciting and innovative learning environment that works with individuals, families, and communities to meet their health needs and demands. The Faculty is distinguished by its multidisciplinary understanding of client care, its commitment to disease prevention and the promotion of healthy lifestyles, and its collaboration with Indigenous colleagues to develop culturally appropriate models of care.

The Faculty offers areas of study in a wide range of health-related professions including nursing, midwifery, social work, community welfare, biomedical sciences, clinical exercise physiology , diabetes education and management, naturopathic medicine, occupational therapy, osteopathy, psychology, speech therapy, and sport and exercise science.

The Associate Lecturer/Lecturer provides innovative online and face-to-face undergraduate and postgraduate teaching of Anatomy and Physiology units, across multiple courses in the Faculty. The role will also contribute to research and/or scholarship on the teaching profile of the Faculty through their publications and undertake relevant engagement and service activities to support the Faculty.

This position is available at our Lismore, Gold Coast or Coffs Harbor locations, both regions offering the best of the Australian coastal lifestyle. Generous relocation assistance is available for the successful candidate if they move to one of these regions.

Lecturer – level B: the total remuneration for a lecturer position can reach $140,609 per year (including the base salary of $101,544 to $120,179 per year and the employer’s contribution of 17 % to retirement pension).

Associate Lecturer – Level A: Total compensation for an Associate Lecturer appointment is up to $112,992 per year (including base salary of $71,728 to $96,574 per year and employer contribution 17% to the retirement pension). PhD graduates would have a minimum salary of $90,112 per year.

About you

Applicants should hold a relevant postgraduate degree (PhD or Ph.D.) in anatomy and physiology or a field closely related to human health.

You will master contemporary educational technologies and have significant undergraduate teaching experience in anatomy and physiology. Possessing a demonstrated high level of interpersonal skills, including the ability to work within a team, you will be able to communicate effectively with a wide range of people.

A first professional experience in research or teaching, including, if possible, publications in highly rated peer-reviewed journals. For appointment at Level B, you will have an established research track record, as evidenced by grant applications, producing publications and supervising research students.

The values ​​of the University are integrity and collegiality. Alignment with these values, as well as the ability to actively contribute to the success of a team, are inherent requirements of the role.

About Us

Southern Cross University is driven by a passion to provide the best possible learning, teaching and research. Our graduates step onto a global stage with confidence as proud alumni. Working at Southern Cross combines the rare privilege of being surrounded by ambitious students, incredible and dedicated colleagues, and an environment of stunning natural beauty. Independent credentials put Southern Cross at the forefront of its core areas of research, student experience, and graduate salaries, in large part through tireless collaboration to create something special in our northern river communities, from Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast and online.

Southern Cross University offers flexible work arrangements, generous parental and carer leave provisions, wellness initiatives, professional learning opportunities, mentorship programs, and support to undertake further study .

Applicant Information

Job applicants must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, an Australian permanent resident or currently hold a visa with unlimited working rights in Australia for the duration of the appointment. Employer visa sponsorship is not available for this position.

Contact for more information

For more information on opportunities, please contact:

Name: Dr. Chris Stevens, Senior Lecturer
Telephone: 0411 797 245

For more information on the application process, please visit our website or contact:

HR Services
(02) 6620 3667

Useful links

Faculty of health
Job application
Moving assistance
Why work at Southern Cross University?
Southern Cross University at a Glance

Applications close at 9:00 a.m. AEDT on Friday, February 4, 2022 and must be submitted through the online portal.

Use the job description link below to access further information on the selection criteria for this role. You will be required to submit full responses to the selection criteria with your application, including examples, if applicable. Please prepare these and submit each answer when prompted in your online application submission.

🌱 Burns Night + Air Force Deployment + Convicted Murder Suspect Thu, 13 Jan 2022 20:36:15 +0000

Hello, Cleveland! Let’s get you caught up to start this day on an informed note. These are the biggest things happening around Cleveland today.

First, today’s weather forecast:

Cooler with some sun. Top: 33 Bottom: 18.

Rent this space!

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Here are the top stories in Cleveland today:

  1. Market Garden BreweryThe eighth Burns Night will take place on Friday, January 21. The celebration of scottish poet Robert Burns takes place around his birthday each year, and dinner includes traditional and curried haggis, mashed potatoes, shortbread, shepherd’s pie, roasted root vegetables and a pint of Beastie Stout and a glass of scotch – as well as a little poetry. (
  2. To help with the current omicron surge, the U.S. Air Force will begin deployment to the Cleveland Clinic in the coming days.. The goal is to allow clinical hospitals to open more beds and accept more transfers from other hospitals. (WJW FOX 8 Cleveland News)
  3. The suspect who eluded police for nearly two years was found guilty by a jury of murdering two people inside a car on I-90 near downtown Cleveland in 2018. Thursday afternoon, Gianni Gray was sentenced to 84 years in prison. (Cleveland News 19)

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Today in Cleveland:

  • Exhibition of superhero projects Cleveland Public Library Main Branch Virtual Events (All Day)
  • Virtual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Celebration 2022 (8:00 a.m.)
  • Kids Café For children 18 and under At the Garfield Heights Branch Library (3:00 p.m.)
  • Takeaway crafts: I have a dream Cleveland Public Library Main Branch Virtual Events (4:30 p.m.)
  • Friday night DJ skates At City of Shaker Heights – Parks and Recreation (7:45 p.m.)

From my notebook:

  • Discover one of the most abundant and widespread owls in Cleveland Metroparks, the “camo king” Eastern Screech-Owl. (Facebook)
  • Opening on Saturday January 29, the 16th Annual Cleveland Botanical Garden Flower Show “Orchids Forever” will display thousands of orchids and create a vibrant tropical escape from the Northeast Ohio winter. (Facebook)
  • Congratulation to Chair of the Sally Sears Museum Board of Trustees and President and CEO Sonia Lauréate for being appointed to Cleveland Magazine’s Cleveland 500 List! (Facebook)

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Social-OT paves the way for social media management specifically for therapeutic practices in the United States Wed, 12 Jan 2022 22:43:27 +0000

Social media management solution providers will work around the clock for your business, as their tagline suggests.

The AgencyBlast team has again reiterated its commitment to helping therapeutic practices improve their social media presence and reach more clients as the digital marketing company announces more service offerings courtesy of Social-OT. This move aligns with the company’s goal of helping its customers grow while allowing them to focus on running their business and helping their customers reach their full potential.

Social media marketing has become one of the main elements of digital marketing as businesses take advantage of the growing online population to promote their brand. However, many organizations are yet to fully leverage the benefits of social media due to the resources required to constantly create and publish content. Therefore, Social OT aims to change that narrative by helping therapy owners and practitioners post content to their social media platforms to stay relevant on news feeds while allowing them to focus on managing their business.

Led by a therapy practitioner, Social-OT has a team of highly experienced and well-trained professionals who conduct extensive research for therapy companies and create high-quality, compelling posts for social media pages. The digital marketing firm works with practices offering occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy services, with expertise in managing posts on Facebook and other social media platforms. Described as an expert third party and trusted partner, Social-OT likes to be seen as an extension of a brand. “While you focus on the front-end and work with your customers, we focus on the back-end and work on your marketing.” Says Courtney, a Social-OT representative.

For more information on Social-OT and the plethora of solutions offered, visit –

Media Contact
Company Name: subdivision of
Contact: Media Relations
E-mail: Send an email
Country: United States

How to Help Troubled Kids Overcome Challenges and Succeed Wed, 12 Jan 2022 18:38:04 +0000

Parents and guardians have been spending more time with their children in the past nearly two years of a global pandemic, and they may have noticed their children struggling.

These struggles can be caused by a number of things, but the important thing is that parents don’t ignore any signs they might see.

Lori Shaffer, speech therapist at MetroEHS Pediatric Therapy, said some signs to be aware of in children include:

  • Do not speak.

  • Not wanting hugs from loved ones.

  • Acting in retreat.

  • Walk on their toes.

  • Difficulty eating.

There are a wide range of causes for the problems listed above, but there are also ways to help children overcome these challenges.

Shaffer said a number of pediatric therapies could benefit children. These can include occupational, physical, dietary, mental health and more.

She said MetroEHS provides pediatric therapy services for children ages 18 months to 7 years old, including those on the autism spectrum.

A d

Shaffer said each of the nine centers located in the Detroit metro area features fun colors and toys to create a playful experience while helping children.

Watch the video above for more information on pediatric therapy.

Kidd named 2022 queen of fairs – Ohio Ag Net Tue, 11 Jan 2022 23:20:00 +0000

The Ohio Fair Managers are pleased to announce the selection and coronation of Queen Maya Kidd of the 2022 Middletown Ohio Fairs representing the Butler County Fair. Maya was chosen from a group of 78 independent and county fair queens and crowned on Saturday, January 8 at the combined general session of senior and junior members of the fair’s board of directors. There were over 1,600 senior and junior members of the fair’s board of directors in the Regency Ballroom in Columbus.

Maya is joined on her field with first finalist Erin Pope, Gallia County Fair, second finalist Annabelle Ehmer, Stark County Fair, third finalist Nicole Fennig, Mercer County Fair, fourth finalist Gretchen Search, Ross County Fair.

Maya is originally from Butler County and attends Butler County Junior Fair, Butler County Advisory Board, 4-H Officer Training, Teen Leadership Council, National Honor Society, National 4- H Citizenship Focus in Washington, DC, and is a Camp Cloverbud Advisor. She is a member of the 4-H “Premier Livestock of Butler County” club and has completed projects that included market lambs, dairy and market goats, dairy heifers, sewing and home projects and more during of his 10 years of work at the 4-H club. Maya has held various positions in her 4-H club. Maya in her community is involved with the Community Harvest Church, the Student Leaders at Work, the Cincinnati Trailblazers Cross Country team and the Mars Hills Track team. Maya is the daughter of Amy and Savalas Kidd.

Maya is currently a senior and plans to enroll at Mount Vernon Nazarene University and study in the fields of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Disorders / Communication Sciences. Maya is interested in helping people with disabilities and mastering American Sign Language and the Deaf and Speech Therapy clinics.

Maya will represent the state, county, and independent agricultural fairs of Ohio for 2022 and participate in the Queen’s selection process at the 2023 Ohio Fair Managers’ Convention in Columbus January 12-15, 2023.

UNM Associate Professor Receives “Career Change” Grant Tue, 11 Jan 2022 04:02:16 +0000

Jessica Richardson, associate professor of speech and hearing sciences at the University of New Mexico, received a $ 2 million grant in November 2021 funded by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, a cult from the National Institutes of Health.

This five-year grant will be used to study and improve treatment for aphasia, a condition in which affected individuals lose the ability to communicate or understand language, in stroke patients. This research focuses on the combination of traditional language therapy techniques with transcranial stimulationa non-invasive electrical brain stimulation believed to help “shape” brain activity to improve language recovery outcomes.

“The greatest success (in the grant application process) is having the funds to carry out a project which I believe will have a real impact on the daily lives of people with aphasia in my lifetime,” said writes Richardson to Daily Lobo.

Richardson attributes his initial interest in speech therapy, particularly aphasia, to his childhood experiences watching his grandfather recover from a stroke. Some of the most rewarding moments in her job now are helping people regain their independence and identity following the life-changing trauma of stroke.

“We ask a lot of our participants: we ask them to be vulnerable and to share with us pieces of themselves and their lives; we’re asking for their time and commitment, ”Richardson wrote. “Yes, we try to give back whenever we can, but even so, it’s a big request, and I always strive to honor that. “

Honey Hubbard met Richardson in 2010 while Hubbard was a student at the University of South Carolina, around the same time Richardson was doing a scholarship there. She now works as a project manager on the Richardson grant.

Hubbard attests to the difficulty and competitiveness of obtaining such a subsidy. A grant of this caliber will “change his career” – not only will it provide Richardson with the means to conduct important clinical research, but it will significantly expand his profile in the research community and give him a “foot in the door”.

“I think a big part of what brought her to this position is her positive attitude and reluctance to accept failures or rejections as the final line, Hubbard said. “She has a lot of persistence.”

Richardson said that especially as a woman in the research fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, it is particularly common to encounter many rejections in the field. Richardson assured that while there are additional challenges unique to women in science, great things can be achieved.

“(As a woman in STEM) you can have a hard time being heard and you can be viewed harshly for making sure you are heard. Make sure you are heard anyway. Look for allies – they exist. Seek out educational opportunities and most importantly seek to amplify the voices of other people who may also have difficulty being heard due to their race, ethnicity, gender diversity, etc. Richardson wrote.

Hubbard said that one of Richardson’s greatest strengths is his immense talent for translating scientific research from the smallest and most microscopic level to clinical applications and improving the tools the field uses to help clinicians improve. the lives of more patients.

“I think she has this enormous breadth of scientific resources that she is able to funnel into something that will not only bring about a significant change in a certain behavior, but, hopefully, a significant change in the ability to perform. that person to participate in their community, ”said Hubbard.

Richardson said a number of brilliant mentors have helped her get to where she is today, and Hubbard highlighted Richardson’s exceptional abilities as a mentor herself to members of her teams at research and its students.

“She has this way of uplifting the people around her to be at her level rather than talking down… Even with the students, I think she takes them with them,” Hubbard said. “It’s much more an invitation to join her at the table rather than a conference on a podium. “

Zara Roy is the editor of the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @zarazzledazzle