Grants support Redwood therapy programs and facility upgrades

Redwood recently received around $ 94,000 in grandiose funds.

The funds will support the Fort Mitchell Organization’s Therapeutic Intervention Program and help complete renovations and other improvements to its campus.

“Because of the generosity of so many individuals, businesses and foundations, Redwood can provide much needed services and carry out the occasional but costly home improvement projects for the benefit of those we serve,” said Bruce Ripley, editor. of grants for Redwood. “The grants and donations we receive show our clients that the community cares about their success. ”

Redwood is a non-profit organization serving children and adults with severe and multiple disabilities. Founded in 1953, Redwood’s mission is to help those it serves become independent and reach their highest potential throughout their lives by providing them with rewarding educational, therapeutic and professional services.

Grant funds will support the following:

Therapeutic Intervention Program: $ 20,000 was awarded by the Jack J. Smith Jr. Charitable Trust to support Redwood’s Therapeutic Intervention Program, which includes speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy services, as well as behavioral supports and the only assistive technology resource center in northern Kentucky. Redwood currently provides therapeutic intervention to more than 280 adults and children.

Redwood Improvement Project: $ 50,000 was awarded by the Charles H. Dater Foundation and $ 20,000 was awarded by the Andrew Jergens Foundation for the Redwood Improvement Project which includes various building renovations such as the improvement of the program room, new flooring, replacement of windows and furnishings.

Redwood Kitchen Upgrades: $ 3,870 was awarded by the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels for the purchase of a convection oven for the facility’s kitchen. Redwood serves meals to about 200 people a day.

According to Ripley, meeting these renovation and equipment needs will help Redwood maintain a safe and welcoming physical environment, which in turn benefits the services provided at our facility and the progress of guests towards their goals.

“These improvements will help us stay in compliance with licensing and accreditation standards,” he said. “The Redwood Therapeutic Intervention Program Grant strengthens our ability to continue to provide high-quality, innovative occupational therapy, speech-language pathology and speech-language pathology services; behavioral support services; and the only assistive technology resource center in northern Kentucky.

“Assistive technology” means any element, equipment, software or system used to maintain or improve the functional abilities of people with disabilities.

Sharon Fusco, Managing Director of Redwood, said she was grateful for the support of funders like these who allow Redwood to “continue to provide innovative and quality care to hundreds of clients and their families.” .

Redwood envisions a world where people with distinct abilities are empowered to develop their abilities, break down barriers, and shine brightly. These funds allow us to continue our work to bring this vision to life in our community, ”said Fusco.

-Melissa Reinert, RCN collaborator

Photos provided by Redwood

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