I Am Boundless healthcare facilities set to open this summer in Worthington

The first phase of a multi-year, $30 million master plan at the I Am Boundless headquarters at 445 E. Dublin-Granville Road in Worthington is on track for completion and opening this summer.

David Knight, director of property and facilities management at I Am Boundless, said the three-story facility, a federally qualified health center, is expected to be completed by July, with plans to open in August for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as the general public for services such as primary care, dental care and pharmacy.

“My goal is to be completely done by July 31 and just (acquiring) punch list items,” Knight said.

FQHC’s new facility, on the 45-acre I Am Boundless campus on the former Harding Hospital site, will bring an expansion of the medical and dental services the organization launched in the fall, which are especially suited to children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. .

I Am Boundless, a Worthington-based disability services and support organization, launched Boundless Health in the fall.

Boundless Health is in a smaller building on campus and has a part-time doctor and dentist on staff and approximately 25 licensed clinicians and 15 nurses working in areas such as speech therapy, behavioral therapy, psychiatry, psychological assessment, primary care and dentistry.

A view of the new Boundless Health facility is shown as construction continues on May 17 at the I Am Boundless headquarters.

Boundless Health executive director Anna Wuerth said the new facility should allow them to add up to five doctors, a team of three full-time dentists and a pharmacy program.

Capacity will also increase, as Boundless Health will expand from just three exam rooms in its current building to 15 on the second floor of the new facility, as well as one room for outpatient medical procedures and six rooms for dentistry on the third floor.

The ground floor will have 45 rooms, which will house a mix of primarily therapy-related services and administrative offices, Knight said.

“Moving to the new building will allow our services to expand significantly as needed, Wuerth said.

The FQHC facility is the first part of the I Am Boundless master plan. Other projects lined up in the master plan over the next few years include a training and events center and an autism services center.

The new Boundless Health facility is shown under construction on May 17.

Boundless envisions the Training and Events Center as a space to train staff and host large events. According to Boundless President and CEO Patrick Maynard, the autism services center should merge autism and behavioral health services on campus into one general space instead of spreading them around the property like they currently are.

“We already provide a lot of services for children with autism and related behaviors, but they’re spread out across different buildings, and it’s really not suited to their needs,” Maynard said. “We are going to focus on a kind of campus inside our campus, where the buildings are grouped together.

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