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Jason Wegner, 24, is a recently published author. His book, Manic Man: How to Live Successfully with Serious Mental Illness, is an honest look at a severe manic episode he experienced in 2017.

At the time, 20-year-old Wegner’s 10-year plan included concerts by Pink Floyd in Tanzania, writing a novel, creating a podcast, earning two doctorates, developing “Wegner’s”. Corporation ”, the founding of two charitable organizations and the training of teachers.

He would later be diagnosed with bipolar disorder 1.

“Part of bipolar disorder is pressurized speech, quick thinking and just grandiose ideas on the whole,” Wegner said.

Extremely high energy, excessive speech, and fleeting thoughts are other signs of bipolar disorder 1.

These ideas led Wegner to act recklessly and put himself in danger.

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His parents, worried about their son, take him to see Dr Kerry Bernes, a psychologist specializing in mood disorders. He remembers his first meeting with Wegner.

“His parents dragged him to my house when he thought there was nothing wrong with him and that he did not need to see a psychologist,” said Dr Bernes. “He spoke nonstop for 55 minutes straight. No one, me or his mother or father, was able to insert a single word because he was in a massive manic state. “

During his speech, Wegner announced that with his state of high energy, he would become a teacher not of one thing, but a teacher of everything.

After this first meeting, Dr Bernes called Wegner’s parents and advised them to admit him to the hospital.

It was around this time that Wegner decided to take a vow of silence.

“I thought no one was listening to me with my hundreds of social media posts a day and my Snapchat rants,” he said. “The man who couldn’t be silent took a vow of silence, that was sort of my slogan.”

Wegner began to document every conversation and thought he had it on his legs and his clothes.

During his manic episode, Jason Wegner took a vow of silence. He began to write on his legs and his clothes.

Courtesy of: Jason Wegner

He was wearing white shorts with his writing all over it when paramedics arrived at his home on August 31, 2017. They asked him how he was.

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“I said, ‘I’ve never felt so good in my life. I’m at superhuman levels of intelligence and performance, ”Wegner said. “They said, ‘Well, we’ve been called to watch you because some people are worried that you will harm yourself.’

“I would be in the hospital for 57 days in the acute psychiatric ward before they released me because it took me so long to come out of the mania.”

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Getting out of the hospital meant learning to learn with her new diagnosis of bipolar 1 disorder. So Wegner went back to see Dr. Bernes.

“It’s just amazing because he went from pretty far to incredibly turned on,” Bernes said.

Writing a book was suggested to Wegner after talking to a class about his trip.

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“Someone in the audience came up to me and said, ‘Your story was really inspiring. I think it might give hope to a lot of people with this condition. Would you consider writing a book about it? ‘ “

Wegner approached Bernes with the idea.

“It’s a story of how hard he worked, how successfully he got through that, that he and I felt had to be told,” said Bernes, who is listed as co-author of the book.

“Clinically, it’s a story that often ends with homelessness and people abandon people,” he added. “So I wanted people to see that this is something that is very treatable.”

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manic man was taken over by the British publisher, Cherish Editions. It hit bookstore shelves on October 14.

“I hope by sharing my book, Manic Man, that people can see that we can talk about it and that you can still live a successful life with any type of illness, ”Wegner said.

Today, Wegner is proud to say he’s doing better than before his episode, something he calls “exciting.” He works, coaches football and will graduate from college in December. He hopes to become a teacher.

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“I think it is essential, in this case, that people understand that this is a disorder that seems quite scary and which, if not treated appropriately and quickly, can be pretty scary, ”Bernes said. “But at the same time, if people reach out and read a book, hear a success story, it’s something that can be dealt with quite effectively and get their lives back.”

Manic Man: How to Live Successfully with Serious Mental Illness is available from Chapters, Analog Books Inc. and Amazon.

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