Mansfield High School Welcomes New Coaches for Fall Track and Field Season

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MANSFIELD – Superintendent Teresa Murphy and Athletic Director Mike Redding are pleased to announce new coaches for the 2021 fall track and field season at Mansfield High School.

Fall sports began at MHS on August 23. New coaches include:

Tara DeGirolamo, Head Coach of Volleyball – DeGirolamo, who was previously JV volleyball coach, has been a math teacher at Qualters Middle School since 2000 and is a QMS math interventionist as of this school year.

“My husband Mark is the one who encouraged and inspired me to coach the women’s volleyball team. I see what a difference he has made on and off the pitch for his players who coach both soccer and lacrosse in MHS, and I hope to have a similar impact with the women’s volleyball program, ”said DeGirolamo. “The girls in the program are absolutely fantastic and the coaching staff couldn’t be more helpful. I am so excited for the season.

Melanie Anderson, first year field hockey coach – Anderson has been a special education teacher at Mansfield High School since 2019 and graduated in 2015 from Mansfield High School.

“I’m so excited about my new role as a freshman field hockey coach and can’t wait to have a great season,” she said.

Alyssa Kelley, Assistant College Volleyball Coach – Kelley graduated from Mansfield High, where she played volleyball and basketball. She played volleyball at Bridgewater State University while majoring in education and currently teaches at Robinson Elementary School.

Alli Bélanger, JV volleyball coach – Bélanger is stepping down from her previous position as first-year volleyball coach. She graduated in 2016 from Mansfield High.

Hannah Haleudeth, fvolleyball coach reshmen – Haleudeth is a longtime speech-language pathologist. She graduated in 2013 from Mansfield High School.

Thomas Flamimi, first year football coach – Flamimi is a professor of health and wellness at Qualters College. He was hired as a teacher in 2019 and graduated from MHS 2010.

Giscard Sarkis, first year boys football coach – Sarkis graduated from Mansfield High School in 2008.

Danny Horgan, Head Coach of the Cross Country Boys.

In addition to the new coaches on the staff, Tim Selmon has been appointed deputy sporting director at Mansfield High School.

Selmon was hired by the district in 2004 as a wellness and physical education teacher. He coached college football at Mansfield High for 17 years and was in charge of strength and conditioning for all sports at MHS for 12 years.

“I am very excited about my new role in sports administration and look forward to working with all of the great coaches and athletes at Mansfield High School,” said assistant AD Selmon. “It is a privilege to be in a leadership position in one of, if not the best sports program in all of Massachusetts.”


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