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CITY OF PELL – The Town of Pell School Board has approved its budget of $ 52.8 million for the next fiscal year.

At its regular board meeting on Tuesday, the board approved a total budget of $ 52,827,300 for the next fiscal year. The budget is a marked increase from last year’s budget of $ 44,416,266, which was boosted primarily by federal COVID relief money which accounts for 13% of the total budget or $ 6,424,672. The school has also seen an increase in state, local and other federal sources of funds, which has contributed to this increase.

The system has also been greatly helped by $ 746,563 in state stabilization funds, which the state provides to all schools in the state to help deal with COVID-related declines in average daily enrollment, or the average number of students attending school each year 20 days after work day. These funds helped the school finance 10.76 teacher units despite the ADM number dropping from 4,061.60 students to 3,942.55 last year.

The general budget fund is expected to have a projected closing balance of $ 5,567,537. This will be a decrease from its opening balance of $ 6,571,552, but the system’s chief financial officer, Tanya Holcombe, said this was largely due to funds for advancement and technology given to the school by the state. She said that these funds which amount to $ 1,135,994 were received by the system in August but are due to be spent by the end of fiscal year 2022, which makes the numbers strange at first glance.

“These A&T funds that we get, and all school systems are getting statewide, make our fund balances fun,” Holcombe said. “That inflates them at the end of the year, and then our budgeted fund balance for the next year should go down. “

She said the question is really a question of timing. Holcombe said the system appreciates the money it uses for insurance and building renovations at Duran North Junior High School and Duran South Junior High School. Holcombe said the school receives the funds because of the higher income statewide.

The budgeted fund balance is also greater than the one-month reserve that schools are required by law to keep in their general fund. According to documents provided by Holcombe, a one-month reserve would equate to $ 3,031,626. She said the budgeted balance would actually cover almost two months.

Holcombe said she was ultimately very happy with the budget she set and it has now been approved by the board.

Superintendent Dr. James Martin echoed her satisfaction with the budget for the coming fiscal year.

“I feel good with the budget, it’s a solid budget,” he said.

He said federal COVID money had an impact on the budget, but noted that there are many regulations on how that money can be used. Martin said in particular that the school uses it to address the learning loss and technological needs of students.

“With this money, we are required to make up for the loss of instruction due to the impacts of COVID.” he said. “It gave us a good opportunity to meet some of our technological needs and to upgrade some of our infrastructure. “

In other areas, advice:

—Approved the hiring of Tonya Castleberry (Preschool Assistant Teacher at Eden Elementary School), Ashley Smith (Child Nutrition Program Officer at Williams Middle School) and Brian Barber (School Bus Driver );

– Approved remedial items related to Regina Graham (Chief Accountant at Pell City High School) and Amanda Highfield (the CNP employee at Eden had been listed as PCHS);

—Approved the hiring of Jill McCombs for an additional Panther Pit Sponsor position at PCHS;

– Approved the hiring of Telissa Kirk, Christopher Sanford, James Denney as backup bus drivers and Sharon Bozeman as backup bus helper;

– Approved the hiring of Kelly Cardenas, Fairies Franklin, Riley Hollis, Lois Isbell, Jim Mathis, Alison Neighbors, Tracy Thomas, Sharon Vandergrift and Makinzie Walker as substitute teachers;

—Approved resignations from Ashley Light (kindergarten assistant teacher at Eden) and Franky Swiney (bus driver);

—Approved contracts with Stacy Carter (amending existing contract to add case management to the task list), Anna Nelson (for speech-language pathology services), Dr. Robert Kenley (contract math professor at PCHS), Betty Scott (part-time bookkeeper) and Eric Lee (public relations and technology support);

—Approve teacher excellence and accountability for math and science contracts with Eric Muth, Kim Bennett, Vera Schofield and Marie Word;

—Approved contracts with Amy Martin, Java Price, Katie Williams, Shelly Gragg, Breanna Carr, Jennifer Jackson, Halie Gasaway, Tammy Vincent, Wendy Dewberry, Wendy Latham, Megan Pruitt, Schorette Emerich, Katie Williams, Tara McBurnett, Ross Burks, Ivy Patterson, Melanie Cornelius, Cherl Smith, Sheree Jackson, Whitney Lenoir, Sherry Zollinger, Crystal Mitchell, Hannah Lee, Emily Doty, Ashley Armstrong, Heather McLeod, Caitlin Freeman, Lauren Brascho, Debra Stephens, Kyrie Word, Hilary Hadley, Kasey Gamble, Renee Santiago, Jessica Brannon, Amelia Smith, Gail Frey, Tammy Whitten, Erin Daniels, Danielle Cortez, Emily Patterson, Tara White, Amy Walker, Vera Schofield, Eric Brown, Jazzlyn Pearson and James Tyler Watts as after school tutors ;

– Approved changes to staff procedures for sporting events, providing for certified gate staff to volleyball matches to be paid for one gaming event when working at a facility hosting two simultaneous matches and increased compensation for the certified goalie for basketball games from $ 15 to $ 25 to make it equal to Other Sports;

—Approved a resolution allowing the Superintendent and staff to develop and execute a public awareness campaign for the November fiscal referendum;

– Approved the appointment of Dr Myrus Strong, Dr Cory O’Neal, Tonya Helms, Amber Kay, Haley Williams, Dr Melissa Kelley, Laura Posey, Melanie Cornelius, Richard Garris, Rita Roe and Shae White on the 2021-2022 Calendar Committee;

– Approved the appointment of Dr Myrus Strong, Ivy Patterson, Shelly Gregg, Kelly Hicks, Heather Bowman, Megan Pruitt, Crystal Mitchell, Kyrie Word, Suni Wyatt, Rhonda Beaudoin, Holly Costello and Laurie Funderburg to the 2021-2022 Textbook Committee ;

– Renewal approved by the Alabama Trust for Boards of Education General Liability. Participation in the errors and omissions liability fund and cover at a cost of $ 2,014;

—Rate changes approved for substitute teachers bringing certified class memberships to $ 105 / day, uncertified class memberships to $ 95 / day, certified long-term memberships to $ 135 / day, staff memberships support at $ 90 / day, replacement bus drivers at $ 75 / day and replacement bus assistants for special needs at $ 55 / day;

—Salary schedule approved 2021-2022;

—Bus driver salary adjustment will be approved at $ 75 for the first six hours and $ 12 per hour for overtime;

—Amounts payable approved for the month of August in the amount of $ 1,321,007.25.

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