Purdue Expects Over 10,000 First-Year Record |

The university continues to surpass its goals with a simple strategy: to be innovative, to put students first.

Purdue University / Rebecca McElhoe

Even Purdue University, which consistently exceeds its enrollment targets, didn’t see this wave of students coming.

The University of West Lafayette, Ind., Said it expects more than 10,000 freshmen to be enrolled for the 2021-2022 academic year, a 12% increase from the last year.

Purdue had nearly 33,600 undergraduate students enrolled in 2020-2021, and this latest increase would increase the number of incoming classes by roughly 1,200 students. No first-year group in the Big Ten has eclipsed the 10,000-plus mark in six years.

“We’ve grown used to the growing demand for a Purdue education, but this latest wave has exceeded all of our expectations,” said Purdue chairman Mitch Daniels. “It places a great responsibility on us to maintain and improve the quality and value that attracts these classes of records. Fortunately, we have a lot of experience in this area. “

While large public universities and many top research institutes and academics have taken advantage of the wealth of applications and expect large classes in the fall, others have not seen the kind of push from Purdue. Enrollment figures released this spring by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center showed a combined 6% year-over-year decline for all institutions, a trend that has largely continued throughout the pandemic.

But even with the shutdown, the switch to distance learning, the precautions and strategies put in place, the students didn’t stop watching Purdue. This year, more than 58,000 potential students applied. Only 8% of them, inside and outside, were accepted. And yet, Purdue has managed to grow its rookie pool from those not in the State to 1000 – a nice deal to have.

Inside the numbers

So what sets Purdue apart? Officials say it’s innovation, reputation, and its ability to help students make an easy career transition. While rankings don’t tell the whole story of a college or university, sometimes they don’t hurt. Yes, Purdue ranks # 1 in US News and World Reports Best colleges in agricultural and biological engineering and # 3 in speech therapy. It also has one of the best hospitality programs in the country. But these other numbers help to make it stand out in the minds of students:

  • It is ranked No. 3 in the development of “new businesses based on innovations created by universities”. Stanford and MIT are 1-2.
  • He is n ° 5 in the general classification by U.S. News and Global Report for innovation
  • It is # 4 of CNBC’s top earning colleges
  • It is # 8 for having the most employable public university students in the country by the the Wall Street newspaper/ Times Higher Education.
  • And its Center for Career Opportunities reports that 95% of their students “perform well”
  • He also hasn’t raised tuition fees for almost a decade.

During these most unique years, the vice-provost for Enrollment Management Kris Wong Davis said the university has done well to keep students happy, safe and on campus.

“National surveys tell us that a college’s response to COVID-19 greatly influences a student’s likelihood of enrolling,” she said. “Although many schools were unable to open last fall, we were determined to welcome our students back to safety after they told us in overwhelming numbers that they hoped we would.

They will be back in 2021-2022 and in greater numbers. So, Purdue says he will increase his academic supports, make dozens of new hires, rearrange office space into classrooms, and add more housing.

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