Redditch survivor Charlie’s odd jobs raise money for stroke charity

A stroke survivor takes on odd jobs for people in his community in exchange for charitable donations.

Charlie Preston, 49, of Redditch, raised money for the Stroke Association in exchange for his work.

Charlie was working for a moving company when a fall at work had a devastating and life-altering impact.

Following the accident, Charlie suffered a series of strokes and received support from the charity as well as various other services and organizations within his community.

As a single dad, he needed practical help, speech therapy, and support to relearn how to write so he could start rebuilding his life after a stroke.

The stroke left Charlie with seizures, anxiety and depression.

He said: “The hardest part is how people now treat me differently.

“I’m really anxious and I don’t like going out.

“I don’t have a physical disability, but when I get the shakes or have trouble expressing my words, people think I’m drunk or drugged.”

Charlie’s odd job fundraiser has already generated over £ 900 and there is no sign that he will stop anytime soon.

“I wanted to raise funds for the Stroke Association to raise awareness of the impact of stroke, especially on single working-age parents like me who are solely responsible for their children,” he said.

“I wanted to give back for the support I have received and to support other people who are going through what I have been through.”

Sarah Adderley, Associate Director of The Midlands Charity, said: “We want to say a big thank you to Charlie for his amazing fundraising efforts and we are so sorry to hear about his stroke.

“Sadly, over 1.3 million stroke survivors are now living with the effects of stroke in the UK and one in five people will have a stroke in their lifetime.”

“However, with the support of people like Charlie, we can help more stroke survivors and their families as they seek to rebuild their lives.”

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