Ron DeSantis surprised monoclonal antibodies aren’t part of Joe Biden’s COVID-19 plan – they are

Govt. Ron DeSantis Suggested chair Joe biden should have included monoclonal antibody treatment in its six-point plan to fight COVID-19 that the White House unveiled on Thursday.

There’s only one problem with DeSantis’ review, however – the enhanced care section of the plan is largely dedicated to therapy.

The Republican governor has spent more than a month crisscrossing the Sunshine State to promote and open sites for administering monoclonal antibodies, a therapy available when a person at high risk of serious infection tests positive for COVID-19 or is exposed to the virus. President Donald trump received monoclonal antibodies when he tested positive in October, but the treatment had fallen off the radar until the last wave.

“It’s surprising that – given the numbers we’ve seen now in Florida with this downward trend – that this early treatment isn’t part of the six point plan, because I think it’s something that There was clearly a knowledge gap of, ”DeSantis said. “The federal government had not done any meaningful promotion this whole year. Here we have now done it, and people can talk about what they have done.

However, two of the three sections of Biden’s sixth point, “improving care for people with COVID-19, ”Are dedicated to monoclonal antibodies. The first highlights the provision of “life-saving” therapy to those in need and the acceleration of shipments across the country. The second is to launch monoclonal antibody strike teams.

The United States Food and Drug Administration cleared the Regeneron version of the drug for emergency use in November 2020, and the federal government purchased its entire supply in January. The drug is free for people and for the state to administer.

Regeneron monoclonal antibody therapy has been shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death by 70% in people at risk of severe cases. Despite this, and the free access, DeSantis said the drug had been “overlooked.”

“We’ve obviously tried to fill that void here,” he added, “but man, as we move into fall and winter you start to see these delta waves in other parts of the country. . They should have these treatment centers set up and ready to go. “

Biden’s six-point plan is highlighted by a mandate to vaccinate federal workers and workers in companies with 100 or more employees. In a speech Thursday afternoon, the president told unvaccinated Americans: “your refusal has cost us all.”

DeSantis believes that the federal government should not impose vaccines, and it does not have the power to do so anyway.

“I imagine you’re going to see a lot of activity in the courts if they tried to do it through executive action,” DeSantis said. “Congress never legislated this. He would just be doing it on his own, and that’s not, I think, the way to do it.

DeSantis has been a rising GOP star as the party seeks a challenger for Biden in 2024. However, he dismissed the 2024 speculation as “absurdity. “

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