The QRI approach leads to a significant reduction in waiting time

Thanks to a collaborative approach offered by the clinical and administrative teams of Hamad Medical Corporation’s Qatar Rehabilitation Institute (QRI), wait times for a range of outpatient clinics have been significantly reduced in the specialized rehabilitation center.

Since January 2020, the wait time has decreased at the pediatric speech therapy clinic, the neuro and geriatric physiotherapy clinic, the pediatric rehabilitation feeding and swallowing clinic, as well as the prosthesis unit. , giving patients faster access to the specialized rehabilitation services they need.
Dr Hanadi al-Hamad, medical director of QRI and Rumailah Hospital, explained the importance of reducing wait times to improve care and patient experience. “Since the opening of the QRI in 2016, we have seen an increasing number of patients year after year. Our dedicated therapy teams provide a wide range of specialist rehabilitation services within our state-of-the-art facility. Ensuring that patients are seen quickly, without delay, is essential to ensure good patient outcomes. By meeting the needs of our patients early on, our treatment teams are able to start treating their conditions earlier, before they develop into more complex conditions. “
Between January 2020 and July 2021, the outpatient waiting time decreased by 76% at the Pediatric speech therapy clinic; 75% to neuro and geriatric physiotherapy; 65% at the pediatric rehabilitation feeding and swallowing clinic; and 39% to the prosthesis unit.
“These impressive reductions in wait times were achieved through a collaborative and integrated approach from QRI’s clinical and administrative teams. By working together as a single service, we have been able to dramatically improve access to care for thousands of patients, ”explained Dr al-Hamad.
“A number of key interventions have been critical in reducing wait times, including working with our patients to reduce the number of missed appointments, thereby maximizing appointment utilization; increase the number of new patients on therapists’ schedules; improve the patient flow process from initial assessment to therapeutic intervention and follow-up; and establish efficient and convenient virtual clinics for eligible patients, ”said Dr al-Hamad.
Eman Yousef al-Mulla, head of the speech therapy department at HMC, explained the importance of prompt treatment for children with developmental speech disorders: “If a child has a speech impediment, he is less likely to communicate well with others and this can affect their overall development, including self-esteem and independence. The sooner we can assess a child and tailor treatment to their needs, the better their chances of improvement and recovery. Therefore, this initiative has been excellent for the children and their families who seek our help.

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